Concrete Sealing Wellington

Concrete Sealing makes a stunning transformation to your driveway patios and paths!


If you have existing concrete that is looking a bit old and worn out we can bring this back to life for you by re-sealing it.

We start off by giving it an acid wash and heavy water blast, this cleans any dirt and grime off the concrete. Then we can re-colour the concrete if it needs it, and finally we re-seal the concrete using the best concrete sealer on the market, which will give it a ‘wet look’ finish.

This not only makes your concrete look new again, it can also add years of life to your concrete by adding a hard surface to it and protecting it from the elements.

Suck & Seal Wellington

Concrete sealing is a specialist service. We have set up a company that excels in it! We have locations in Wellington and Christchurch NZ. Please visit Suck & Seal Wellington for more details.

Tap here to visit Suck and Seal Wellington

Tap here to visit Suck and Seal Wellington